Thursday, March 8, 2018

Modular Shipyard

I've been working on a set of ships for Galleys and Galleons.  I'm thinking about doing a naval campaign and would need a variety of ships in different sizes/capabilities.  The following ships are made from the same pieces, but arranged in different ways to create a variety of ships.  I know that these are not remotely precise models, but they print relatively easily on my 3D printer and don't require much effort to paint. 
This shows just how different looking the ships can be, even though they're made of the same parts.  The small ship is 40% of the length of the large one.

This "galleon style" ship might be used to represent large ships. The number of cannons can be adjusted to represent a wider variety of ships. The green deck can be extended backwards or forwards to give each ship in the fleet a unique characteristic.   

This ship might be a small warship, a sloop, caravel, or other medium size ship as described in the Galleys and Galleons ruleset.  
I am in the process of designing triangular sails to allow them to be played as lateen rigged ships.  

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