Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Interest in Updated Napoleonic Models?

With the release of Bob Cordery's new book, The Portable Napoleonic Wargame, I imagine there might be a surge in new Napoleonic players.  I have previously designed models for a Napoleonic project I had started, but never completed.  Renderings of them can be found in my blog post titled "Model Ranges".  If there is sufficient interest, I would rework them to at least the standard I am using for my 18th Century range.  This would involve designing some amount of period appropriate hair, cleaning up some of the headgear, and making everything modular so that people could design their own units and I would supply them with the printed models or the files to have them printed locally. 
I currently have models for Shako with and without Pom, a French style bearskin (needs work), a Landwehr cap, and a crested cavalry helmet (also useful for Austrian infantry).  Currently, all models are wearing coats with turnbacks, but I would consider designing a longer coat for the Landwehr and maybe even a great coat.  I'm open to designing more models critical to the period if you have any suggestions. 

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  1. I've also received my copy of TPNW - but haven't yet put troops to table to play any of them out. The whole concept seems to me top lead towards army level games, comprising several army corps. As such I have several ideas in mind:

    1. An escalating battle, starting with the brigade level action, then stepping up to Divisional thence to Corps level.
    2. A fictitious add-on to the 100-days campaign, in which the North german Federated Corps under General von Kleist encounters the 'Army of the Meuse (fictitious) somewhere east of Liege.
    3. Refighting Wavre, pitting two French Army Corps plus cavalry and Teste's infantry division against Thielemann's III Prussian Corps.